Music Theory Camp!

Music Theory Camp!


Registration Deadline: Monday, July 8, 2019

Grades 7-9

Music theory is… fun? ABSOLUTELY!  What makes popular songs so popular?  Find out by joining us for our Music Theory Camp this summer from July 23-July 25, 2019!

Camp takes place Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm.  This camp is designed for students interested in learning more about the inner-workings of music through games, activities, and music creation.  We will be learning from popular music of today!! Students will have the opportunity to learn basic chords, notes, play in small ensembles, learn basics of music theory, and practice songwriting skills.

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July 23-25, 2019

Grades 7-9

Why Music Theory?

  1. Turn the sounds in your head into music!

  2. It aids in musical understanding

  3. Gives you the ability to read and write music

  4. It helps you learn to create music

The goal of this camp is to give students an opportunity to understand the inner-workings of music so that they can begin creating it at home!  Students will learn basic chord progressions, how to hear different chords, and experiment with ensemble work and song writing.


10:00AM - Arrival and Greetings/Warm-Ups

10:30AM - Music Theory Techniques (note reading, chords, etc.)

11:00AM - Snack Time

11:15AM - Music Theory Games

12:00PM - Songwriting (Students will have the opportunity to write and create their own song with instructor feedback)

12:30PM - Ensemble Time (Students will work together to create an arrangement of a Popular Music Piece)

1:00PM - Pickup