Children & Youth

The Hudson Education Center for the Arts is proud to offer numerous music program opportunities for children and youth in the area. Read below for a list of our programs, and follow the corresponding links for full program information and registration.

(Financial Assistance Available)


Year-Round Programs

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Private Lessons

HEC is proud to provide private lessons for students of all ages and levels, taught by highly qualified music professionals.

All private lessons are scheduled in 30 minute increments.  To schedule a FREE trial lesson, please e-mail us at


Early Childhood Music Education Program

Maximum enrollment of 10 students in each class. Be sure to register early in order to secure a spot!

Classes are available for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and early elementary schoolers.

Early Childhood Music Education classes include class activities centered around musical conversation, exploration of musical ideas, and imaginative play by singing, moving to music, playing assorted instruments, and learning rhythm patterns.  Even the youngest infants are able to absorb sounds while toddlers are able to experiment through singing and movement.  The goal of the Early Childhood Music Education is to increase a child’s potential to learn music, and help pave the path for a lifetime full of musical enrichment.

This class is intended for both child and parent participation! Parents are asked to attend so that music activities and fun can continue at home.

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Rising Stars Performance Program

The Rising Stars Program calls all band, orchestra, and vocal students of southeastern Michigan area schools. Our students prepare an entertaining mix of solo and small ensemble performances for local community groups, such as the Dexter Farmer’s Market, Dexter District Library, Chelsea Retirement Community, and Cedars of Dexter. 

This outstanding educational experience not only gives students numerous performance opportunities, but also community service credit for programs such as scouting, leadership development, confirmation, etc. 

All concerts are free events so that we can share the gift of music to the friends in our community


Summer Programs

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Ukulele Camp (Grades 4-7)

Join us for our Ukulele Camp this summer from July 29-August 2nd, 2019!

Camp takes place Monday-Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm. This camp is designed for students at an introductory level to Ukulele. Students will have the opportunity to learn basic chords, notes, play in small ensembles, learn basics of music theory, and practice songwriting skills.

Why Ukulele?

  1. It’s affordable

  2. It can be played as both a solo AND ensemble instrument

  3. It’s great for ear training and musical exploration

  4. It’s cross cultural

  5. It’s accessible to learn

  6. You can sing and play at the same time!

  7. It’s FUN!

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Music Theory Camp (Grades 7-9)

Music theory is… fun? ABSOLUTELY!  What makes popular songs so popular?  Find out by joining us for our Music Theory Camp this summer from July 23-July 25, 2019!

Camp takes place Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00am-1:00pm.  This camp is designed for students interested in learning more about the inner-workings of music through games, activities, and music creation.  We will be learning from popular music of today!! Students will have the opportunity to learn basic chords, notes, play in small ensembles, learn basics of music theory, and practice songwriting skills.

Why Music Theory?

  1. Turn the sounds in your head into music!

  2. It aids in musical understanding

  3. Gives you the ability to read and write music

  4. It helps you learn to create music